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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Storage Cost ?

This depends on how much you want to store and for how long. Please telephone us to discuss pricing, you’ be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is.

Do I need to obtain insurance ?

Yes, we would recommend that you obtain insurance as we do not provide this within the price of hire.

How do I get my items to the Storage unit ?

We offer a Door to Store Service, where we deliver a trailer to you, which you then fill with your items. We will then come and collect the trailer and bring your items back to our storage facility and store them for your. Alternatively, if you prefer and have your own transport, you can bring and store your items yourself.

Do you sell boxes and packaging materials ?

Yes, we can provide you these if required. Please telephone us for prices.

Is a deposit payable ?

Yes, a deposit of 1 month in advance is payable.

Do I need to buy a Padlock for my container ?

Yes, you will need to purchase your own padlock if separately or you can buy one from us.

How much notice is required when I no longer need to store my items ?

We require 1 months notice.

Can I store my Caravan with you ?

Yes, you can. We have a fully secure open storage yard available for you to store your caravan, boat, trailer, horsebox and so on.

What do I do in an emergency if I have difficulties getting into my unit ?

All customers are provided with a 24/7 emergency contact number.

Can I store anything I like ?

Most things are fine but anything that is considered dangerous or hazardous is not allowed. Please check with us first before storing items if you are unsure.

Do you collect at weekends ?

Yes, with our Door to Store service, we can arrange to collect from you at weekends.

Do I need to reserve a storage unit in advance ?

We can usually accommodate you fairly quickly but would recommend that it is best to reserve in advance to avoid problems.

How long can I store things with you ?

You can store your items with us for as long as necessary, there is no maximum time limit.

What is the minimum period of time that I can store my items with you ?

The minimum period we offer is 1 month.