Need to store possessions during probate ?

Probate Container Storage

Probate is the matter of dealing with a person’s affairs and possessions after they pass on. Sometimes this process can be particularly lengthy especially when that person didn’t have a will. When the person who has died is a family member or close friend, it can be a very difficult and stressful situation to deal with. You will need time to grieve and be able to come to terms with your loss. The pressure of dealing with legal matters and probate is often the last thing you need.

Helps relieve the pressure and stress that can come when you lose a loved one.

Keeps valuable and sentimental items safe until probate is granted.

Prevents theft and damage from unprotected properties after someone has died.

Putting your loved ones possession into storage during this difficult time is a sensible solution as it will give you the time you need to deal with matters. If you are dealing with a property that was rented, it may be that the landlord will need the property cleared before you have been able to deal with things and probate is granted. If you are dealing with a property that was owned, there is always the risk of burglary, especially if there are a lot of valuable items involved. Storing your items will also give you the peace of mind that everything is safe and secure.

All items and possessions whether of high value, of sentimental value or other that are subject to probated can be collected by our experienced team and stored securely for you. We are able to help you store furniture, carpets, ornaments, jewellery, garden ornaments, iron work, stone work even gazebos and vehicles if needed.

Everything is handled using the utmost care and discretion using our specialist lift and handling equipment accordingly, giving you complete peace of mind and helping to take some of the stress away for you.

If you need help during this difficult time, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

Benefits of storage during probate

  • Security.
  • Helps take away Stress
  • Store as long as needed.
  • Protects valuable items.
  • Protects sentimental items.