Need to Store after you Declutter ?

Decluttering Storage Solutions

Why declutter?

There is an absolute mountain of reasons why people should or need to declutter and that brings up the next question of what to do with all the clutter. Simple if you don’t need it any more, just take it to the local council waste recycling centre. But if you don’t want to get rid of it or need to keep it for future use, then you are left with the problem of what to do with it. The answer is to rent one of our storage units, we’ll even come and collect your items in one of our storage trailers and then bring it back to our storage facility for safe and secure storage.

The great thing when you store your items with us as that you’ll always have 24 / 7 access to your property. So rather than keep your house cluttered up with items you only need now and again, you’ll have more space but with quick and easy access to your items when needed.

Benefits of Storing your Clutter

  • Tidier living.
  • Healthier Mind.
  • Better organisation
  • Easy access 24 / 7
  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Store for when ready to sell
  • Store for when needed


“We have always hoarded things over the years, but decided we needed to have a good clear out. The problem was that we didn’t really want to throw anything away so using To You Storage was a great option.” J. Sampson – Uckfield


If you are in the process of selling your house, it’s often a good idea to declutter your property and store your items whilst having potential buyers view your house. This can help to make your property look more spacious and appealing to people interested in buying.

What about all that stuff in the loft, they say it’s never good to sleep with lots of clutter above your head, so why not have a spring clean and store what you need to keep. Making use of one of our storage units will also enable you to keep things tidy and organised rather than scrabbling through the loft trying to find things.

Whatever the reason is, there is no denying that you’ll feel 100% better once you do declutter and get your things stored away in a clean and orderly manner. Self-storage is the easy answer when it comes to decluttering and organising things, so give us a call today and let us help you get started.

Need a Storage Solution for something else ?

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