Need to Store a Classic Car or other Vehicle ?

Vehicle Storage Solutions

Vehicle storage is the sensible solution. Leaving your unused car parked in the open for long periods of time will subject it to damaging effects from the elements such as the sun and rain as well as the local flora and fauna. Before you know it, your once gleaming red sports car will be faded with patches caused by corrosive bird droppings.

The other risk is that of security. Vehicle crime, whether its wanton vandalism or theft of the vehicle averages around 38,000 instances a month, yes a month. Having your car parked unused on the road for long periods is like a red rag to a bull for criminals. So why take the risk, when you can securely store your vehicle for an affordable amount rather than taking the chance that it may be stolen and ultimately end up costing you a lot more than if you had used a secure storage facility.

Benefits of Vehicle Storage

  • Secure Storage.
  • Store during the week.
  • Use at the weekend.
  • Cars, Motorcyles.
  • Protects from the Elements.
  • Easy access 24 / 7.
  • Power supply available.
  • Maintains vehicle condition.


“We store a number of exhibition cars with To You Storage. It is a great solution that saves us a lot time and money with shipping.”.” G. Costain – Melbourne, Australia

If you have more than one car to store, perhaps you are a collector and only really need to take the car or cars out for a spin every so often when you attend a rally, we can provide you with a number of safe, secure storage units to accommodate your vehicles. You’ll have 24/7 access, 365 days a year enabling you to easily access your vehicle or vehicles when you need to.

You may need storage for other type of vehicles, such as motorcycles, bicycles, car trailers, boats, Jet Skis and so on. Whatever you need to store, we can usually accommodate it, but do give us a call to check first to make sure it’s not too big or there are any restrictions.

If you need to access your vehicle at times for maintenance, we can also supply electrical power to your unit if needed. So get in touch today for secure, safe affordable storage of your cars and other vehicles.


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