Need to Store whilst Travelling ?

Travelling Storage Solutions

If you travel a lot and are away for long or even short periods, you are likely to need storage whilst you are away travelling. Most property owners will rent out their property whilst they are away as it’s an excellent way to generate additional income. The only problem is that often the tenants will like to have their own furniture and household items. If your own furniture and possessions are valuable and personal to you, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to leave them in the house in case they get damaged by the tenants anyway.

By storing your furniture and other possession with us, you’ll know that they are safe and secure taking away the worry of damage being caused by tenants who are renting your property. We can provide as much storage space as you need for all of your items. You can even securely store your car, trailer, bikes or motorcycles with us if you need to. You may need to store for some time or only for a few months, whatever you do need, you always have the flexibility of extending your need for storage if you plan to be away for longer than expected.

Benefits of Storage whilst Travelling

  • Easy In, Easy Out.
  • Short Term Storage.
  • Long Term Storage.
  • Accessibility.
  • Cost effective.
  • Keeps possession safe.
  • Store to door option.
  • Prevents tenant damage if renting.


“I am away on business overseas for 6 months at a time and rent my flat out. Using To You Storage has been great for storing my valuable possessions whilst I’m away.” C. Davies – Havant

If you come to the UK on a regular basis perhaps as part of your work, you may need to store personal items, which you need to leave here for when you next return. This can be useful if you work around the country in different locations and need short term accommodation of up to 6 months due to the change in your working locations. When this happens it can be impractical to keep moving your furniture with you, so storing it when needed is the best solution.

Again, this is also helpful if you have a car that you need to leave in the UK for use when you are here for long or short term visits.

If you need help and advice, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help and advise you.

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