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Stock Storage Solutions

Are you an online seller ? Do you run an online business using Amazon, eBay, shopify or even through your own website ? If so and you sell physical goods is likely that you’ll need somewhere to securely store your stock. Let’s be honest, the upstairs spare bedroom is not really ideal and the knock on effect is that the rest of the house ends up more cluttered.

The business climate is constantly changing and every day more and more people are taking the entrepreneurial approach by running their own business. It wasn’t that long ago when people used to think they had a job for life if they were employed. Due to the ever changing ways of the world, this is no longer true and because there are now so many opportunities to run your own business, a lot of people are tending to lean towards this.

Benefits of Container Storage

  • Long or Short Term storage.
  • Affordable solution.
  • 24 / 7 access.
  • Better organisation.
  • Helps keep home and work separate.
  • Keeps overheads down.
  • No need for an office or shop.
  • Flexibility.


“I started my online business a couple of years ago and have increased my stock holding to 3 containers now. It really helps me expand with low overheads and flexibility” S. Sahota – Chichester

Businesses are now becoming more digital removing the need for renting an expensive office or shop. People are now able to work from home for the day to day running of the business but there will always be the need to store or keep your physical goods somewhere.

We provide safe secure container storage that is available to rent at very reasonable prices. Storing your stock with us make sense. It helps separate business from home life and will enable you to be more organised with how your store your stock. You have 24 / 7 easy access to your stock for when you need to fulfil your orders. As your business grows, you can always rent more space so have complete flexibility with your storage needs.

You can add your own free standing storage rack inside our container for better organisation of your stock. We can provide electricity to your container if you need lighting or power supplies as you will need to make use of working from your storage container rather than just using it purely for storage.

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