Need to declutter your office but keep things to hand ?

Office Storage Solutions

Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation with offices, it’s likely you’ll have a need for storage. Some office based businesses generate a lot of documentation and it’s not always practical to keep all of these paper based records on site. Archiving and storing with us is as easy.

We can even come and collect from you with our door to store option. We’ll deliver an enclosed trailer around to your offices, you load it up with your boxed documents and we will then bring it back to our storage facility and store your archives in an organised manner.

Alternatively, if it suits you better, you can always just hire one of our storage units and come and store your document archives yourself. You’ll have 24 / 7 access for whenever you need to retrieve any of your archived documents.

Benefits of Office Storage

  • Declutters office space.
  • Makes for a better work environment.
  • Secure Document Archiving.
  • Helps when moving office.
  • Store bulky site equipment.
  • Easy Access.
  • Long or Short Term storage.
  • Affordable solution


“To You Storage are a great company to deal with and they provide an exceptional service. Highly recommended if you need to store anything.” L. Johnson – London

On the subject of documents, we all know how paperwork can easily build up, whether we need to keep it or not. Any paperwork or documents that you do not need to keep or archive will just end up consuming space. The problem is that it may have sensitive information on it that can’t just be thrown in the bin. The answer to alleviate this problem is to shred the documents, which can be very time consuming. We offer commercial document shredding as an additional service, so why not save time and money and leave us to deal with your waste paperwork that needs disposing of in a secure way.

If you moving office and need time to get things organised, storing office furniture and equipment whilst things are being organised is a good option for dealing with the difficult logistics than can arise when moving office.

For businesses that operate in sectors such as surveying where you will often need equipment to use on site, depending on the size and nature of the equipment, perhaps it gets muddy whilst in use, storing it away from the office but with easy access is a good solution to solve those problems.

Need a Storage Solution for something else ?

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