Does your Business need Document Storage or Document Archiving ?

Document Storage and Archiving Solutions

Does your business generate a lot of paperwork that you only need access to for reference now and again ?

Does your company maintain a large amount of records or client documentation, which you legally are obliged to keep for a fair number of years?

If the answer is yes then we can provide document storage solutions to suit your needs.

Most businesses are obliged to keep their financial records for a number of years should you be subject to an inspection for tax or VAT. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, 10 years’ worth of accounts can amount to a lot of paperwork. By storing your financial paperwork, invoices and receipts using our storage facilities, you will be able to keep it in an organised, safe and secure way, with access to it when needed.

Benefits of Document Storage

  • Store and Forget.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • Access when needed.
  • Frees up Office Space.
  • Store for as long as needed.
  • Cost effective.
  • No need for additional office space.
  • Document Destruction available.


“Hiring a storage container from To You Storage has provided a very cost-effective and secure solution for us.” J.C. Marsh – Seymours

You’ll be able to forget about it until it’s needed, thus keeping your office tidy and uncluttered promoting a more positive and productive working environment for everyone in your office.

The same applies if you are a business such as a law firm or accountancy company that has to maintain paperwork based client records and documents. Often you’ll need to archive these in case you need to re-open or refer to them. Possibly, you may just need to store them for a number of years in case they are required but ultimately have them destroyed.

In either case we can help you with the headache that volume of paperwork and documents can create. We can store them for you whilst needed, which you’ll also have 24 / 7 access to them and then provide you with a confidential destruction service at the time you no longer need to store your paperwork and documents.

Need a Storage Solution for something else ?

To You Storage, for all your Document Storage needs.